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Four Ways to Wear: The Crochet Trim Dress by Chloé

This is mostly for my benefit, but if you like it, I'd appreciate feedback. I'm just trying to figure out how to get these things to embed correctly... 

Four Ways to Wear: The Crochet Trim Dress by Chloé

(Click to Enlarge Pictures)
This dress is among the most versitile types in style. Its neutral brown color and simple design make it easy to wear any time of the day.

Variation 1: Add elegance easily by adding gold accessories. Whether they're expensive or not doesn't matter-- what does is that the golds match as closely as possible.

Variation 2: Add pretty, richly colored leggings to bring some definition to this casual look. A few simple accessories really help dress it up- great for a quick trip to the mall.

Variation 3: Wooden beads and ripped jeans give a western spin to this comfortable style. You could wear this look during the day, but switch the boot-cuts for some darker skinny jeans for a classier look for work.

Variation 4: Pink, brown and silver are always a winning combo. This is great for a chilly night out, or substitute the cardigan with some cute earrings as a day look.

All of these pictures were made with www.polyvore.com. Thanks to lifeofbuddhafor the link.
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