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I wish you could have seen

the beauty you possessed

in that final moment,

the cold, shaky breath

that escaped your red lips

and your icy blue eyes

that distracted us from the

ruby crimson

flowing from behind.


I wish you could have felt

the black silk,

the charcoal tulle

that surrounded your neck

on the final walk down the aisle,

the lace that lined your


and the cold steel that still was there,

that had your back.


I wish you could have tasted

the sinister kiss of Death

moments before he arrived,

his angry need

to take you away.

The chocolate essence

of life,

the bittersweet love

that you seemed to be without.


I wish you could have smelled

the musty smell

of the cocoon you live in now,

the earthy smell of submersion,

the stench of rotting flesh.

The smell of the roses that surrounded you;

you and your pretty lips.


I wish you could have heard

the music we played,

the sound of cellos and violins,

the tears that fell,

the beautiful harp of the angels

that arrived to take you away.


I wish you could have known

the way we feel,

the betrayal,

the love,

the hate

and the expectations

of never seeing you again,

feeling your touch,

tasting your kiss,

smelling your sweet perfume,

hearing your beautiful voice.


I wish you could have known.

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